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Boston-Area Home Sales, in July, Fell Faster Than Nation’s

For July, existing-home sales in the Boston area plunged 39.2% from the previous month, far exceeding the record 27.2% drop reported nationally by the National Association of Realtors. The cause of the disparity was not immediately apparent. For the year, July sales were down 29.0% in the Boston area, but that was consistent with the Northeast region as a whole. Continue reading

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Fed Acts to Keep Interest Rates Low

Concerned about the slowing pace of recovery, the Federal Reserve on August 10 announced renewed efforts to keep interest rates low. As reported by The New York Times, the Fed will reinvest proceeds from its mortgage-bond portfolio in long-term government securities. For home buyers, it means mortgage rates should remain near historic lows for some time. Continue reading

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Did the Tax Credit Push Home Prices Down?

The tax credit certainly worked as intended to bolster home sales. Existing and new home sales, inventories and housing starts all showed big improvements in March and April — all the categories, that is, except home prices, which continued their month-to-month decline in most of the country. Continue reading

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New Home Sales Surge, with Boost from Tax Credit

A newsletter arrived in my in-box, today, with these manic pronouncements: The week ended on the most dramatically impressive new home sales numbers in 47 years. March’s 26.9% increase was the biggest monthly sales gain since 1963, taking us to … Continue reading

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Will Rising Mortgage Rates Further Dampen Home Prices?

The question has been raised by some bloggers as to whether rising mortgage rates, widely predicted, could further dampen home prices. The argument is that rising rates would shrink the pool of eligible buyers, thus weakening demand for homes. Continue reading

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Is This A Good Time to Buy a House? Part 2: Mortgage Rates

Interest rates are sure to go up this year, suggesting that now may be a good time to buy — if your personal circumstances favor it. Continue reading

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FHA Toughens Down Payment Rules

The Federal Housing Administration will raise the minimum down payment for its least credit-worthy borrowers, the agency announced on January 19. Borrowers with credit-rating scores below 580 will be required to put down at least 10 percent. Those with a … Continue reading

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